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Web Development
From front-end layouts to back-end systems, our comprehensive web development solutions ensure robust, scalable, and high-performance websites tailored to your business needs. Enhance your online presence with sites that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional.
Mobile Development
Embrace mobility with our end-to-end mobile app development services. Whether iOS or Android, we deliver seamless, user-friendly applications that provide a consistent experience across all devices, boosting customer engagement and satisfaction.
XR and Spatial Computing
Step into the future with our XR and spatial computing services. We create immersive virtual environments that offer interactive experiences, making them ideal for training, simulations, and entertainment. Elevate your brand with cutting-edge technology that captivates and engages your audience.
3D Modeling and Animation
Bring your visions to life with our 3D modeling and animation services. From detailed models to fluid animations, we craft visually stunning and dynamic graphics that capture attention and convey your message in a memorable way. Perfect for presentations, marketing, and more.
Idea to MVP in 4 weeks
Accelerate your path to market with our rapid MVP development. In just 4 weeks, we transform your ideas into a viable product, enabling you to test, iterate, and validate concepts with minimal risk and investment. Perfect for startups and entrepreneurs eager to make their mark.
Webflow Marketing Websites
Leverage the power of Webflow with custom marketing websites that combine aesthetics with functionality. Optimized for SEO and conversion, our Webflow sites ensure you not only rank high in search engines but also convert traffic into leads and sales effectively.

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“Atomalabs handled our complex project with exceptional professionalism, delivering results faster than we ever anticipated.”

Som Nautiyal
Som Nautiyal

“Top-notch work on our backend payment services by Atomalabs; their expertise truly shines.”

Amanda Bengtsson
Amanda Bengtsson

“Thanks to Atomalabs, our website has become a lead magnet with superb design and backend functionality.”

Riley Beam
Riley Beam
@Lead Fast

“Our app's success is a testament to Atomalabs' seamless development and expert execution.”

Filip Grufman
Filip Grufman

“With Atomalabs, our idea quickly transformed into a market-ready MVP. Their team is passionate and efficient.”

Pratik Mokashi
Pratik Mokashi

“Atomalabs significantly enhanced our cloud infrastructure with their AWS expertise—reliable and skilled.”

Jordan K
Jordan K

“Webflow team at Atomalabs is top-notch. They delivered a stunning website that exceeded our expectations.”

Preeti Veenam
Preeti Veenam
@Decode Care

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We harness a diverse array of advanced technologies, ensuring your projects leverage the most effective and modern tools available. Our expertise spans across crucial platforms, frameworks, and tools, equipping your business to tackle current challenges while preparing for future advancements.


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Discover how Atomalabs is transforming industries worldwide. Our projects highlight the innovative use of technology to solve complex challenges and deliver measurable results to our clients.

“Our app is now top-rated, thanks to the seamless development by Atomalabs“

Filip Grufman,CEO at PlotagonStory

Plotagon Story and Z-Cut

Create animated stories with Plotagon Story and Z-Cut

Atomalabs partnered with Plotagon to enhance their renowned animation apps, Plotagon Story and Z-Cut Movie Maker. These apps have captivated over a million users on both the App Store and Playstore. Our role was pivotal in evolving the app's features and seamlessly integrating it with Zepeto, a leading metaverse creation platform.

The integration of Plotagon&aps;s Z-Cut Movie Maker with ZEPETO&aps;s metaverse is a hallmark of innovation, melding enriched animation and content creation with immersive, interactive virtual experiences. This case study illuminated the intricate developmental process, the encountered challenges and innovative solutions, and the resultant impact marked by a 25% increase in the user base and enhanced user engagement. This synergy not only amplified the features and functionality of both platforms but also underscored the significance of strategic partnerships in pushing the boundaries of user experience and market expansion, blurring the lines between the virtual and real worlds.


Acquisition Marketplace

Easyacquire, built with MERN stack and AWS, is a marketplace connecting tech innovators with corporations in Asian markets. It offers a user-friendly interface for efficient, secure transactions of startups and tech products. Early feedback highlights increased listings and transactions, proving its effectiveness and the market&aps;s need for such a platform. Easyacquire simplifies and accelerates tech acquisitions, filling a critical gap in the region.

The inception and subsequent launch of Easyacquire demonstrated the pivotal role of a dedicated platform in facilitating the seamless transaction of tech products and startups. With the employment of the MERN stack and AWS, the platform not only met the initial objectives but exceeded expectations, becoming a benchmark in the tech acquisition landscape. By prioritizing user experience, security, and efficiency, Easyacquire has positioned itself as a vital player in the tech ecosystem, bridging the gap between innovation and acquisition. The platform&aps;s success underscores the critical role of employing cutting-edge technology and strategic planning in developing solutions that meet contemporary market needs.

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